Another project of mine that deserved it's own web page.

TV Series List is a poorly named application that keeps track of your TV show watching.

If you start to watch a TV show, it's generally quite easy to remember where you last finished. Unfortunately, TV shows are like the entries in the Eurovision Song Contest: you only realize that you're watching something good, after you've seen the competition. Therefore, it's easy to find yourself in a situation where you've got a huge number of TV shows that you've seen a few episodes of each. And suddenly, remembering where you last left the show becomes an issue.

Sure, you Could just use a text document, but those are easy to mess up by not making sure you're writing on the correct line, by simple arithmetic errors, and frankly, what you're doing is exactly what your computer is good at doing - remembering values, and increasing them every once in a while. And that's where this application comes into the picture.

Start the application. Add your shows. When you've watched an episode, click the episode button. When you've watched a season, click the season button. If you clicked the wrong button, right click, and the number will be decreased instead of increased.

Periodically, press export. Your shows will be saved on a remote server. Import if you change computer or something bad happens to your shows (if you screw up, if your computer dies, or if you just manage to trigger a nasty bug). There's currently not an official server software, nor a well defined synchronization protocol, but you can use as a server for now.

TV Series List can be used both as a stand-alone application, and as a panel applet for Gnome panel. If you want to use it as an applet, remember to install it into the same prefix as your bonobo installation (this generally mean that you need to run the configure script as ./configure --prefix=/usr)

TV Series List requires Python and the GTK bindings for Python. If you don't have Python 2.5, you also need to get an ElementTree implementation. If you want to use the panel applet, you also need gnome-python-desktop.

You can download the latest version, 0.93.1, as a source tarball that you install using the regular ./configure && make && make install or you can download it as an Ubuntu package.

If you run Windows, you can download an installer or a zip file - both containing everything you need to run the application. Thanks, tobbez!

You can also check out the development process at GitHub