This is the new home of the tomboy reminder plugin, originally created by Raphaël Slinckx (old home). The difference between this plugin, and the version Raphaël Slinckx has on his site, is that this version works with Tomboy 0.10 and later, which his doesn't. However, this plugin doesn't work with earlier versions, which his does.

This plugin looks for notes with content like Remind 4 march and will open the note containing this on the 4:th of March. There's more info about usage in the Readme file.

  • Tomboy 0.10 or later

There's a binary and a source version.


If you downloaded the source version, installing it is normal automake stuff: ./configure; make; make install.

If you downloaded the binary, installation is just a matter of moving it into ~/.tomboy/addins/