Fula ord is a wordpress plugin that will output Nasty Words. It is designed to trigger the new, Swedish Echelon-style-system, but should, with a different set of wordlists, work to trigger anti decency firewalls, or other kind of censorship you may want to activate.

What's the point?The point of it is to make it obvious just how fucked up and fundamentally broken systems that tries to spy and/or restrict it's users/members/inhabitants from doing what they want - especially if it's based of word searches.

Installation instructions

  1. Get the latest release, which is 0.8.1, in either .zip or .tar.gz format.
  2. Put the file fula_ord.php in wp-content/plugins/ inside your blog folder
  3. Go to the plugin options in wordpress, and activate "Fula ord"
  4. Somewhere in your theme, put a function call to print_fula_ord. Here's what I used to have in my menu bar:<?php if ((function_exists('print_fula_ord'))) { ?}><li><h2>Dagens FRA-hälsning:</h2><?php print_fula_ord(); ?>&lt/li><?php } ?>
  5. There is no 5

To doI need to make the sentences a little less incomprehensable.I want to develop different wordlists, based on different scenarios, to make this more useful to more people - contributions happily accepted :)I want to make the current wordlist Better™