My name is Robin Sonefors, but people usually call me ozamosi. I live in Skövde, Sweden, where I study Open Source System Development. You can reach me at by or jabber

I'm a GNOME developer, and maintain it's calculator.

I'm also a Fedora packager, and maintain a couple of fonts.

I've written a Tomboy plugin called Blogposter, that posts Tomboy notes to an AtomPub-enabled blog, like Wordpress or Blogger.

I'm a member of Lysator, Linköping University's academic computer society. I used to be webmaster, root and member of the board, but these days, I'm mostly passive.

I was one of the initiators of the swedish Ubuntu community, and I was also the contact person and main leader/maintainer from the start in the fall 2005 until about the same time in 2006.

Finally, I hate writing about myself, which causes this page to mostly be outdated.